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What can I do?

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Change what I eat

One of the best things you can do for our planet is change what you eat.  Eating a healthy and balanced diet with a larger proportion and a wide variety of plant-based foods, only buying meat and fish from sustainable sources, and not wasting food, all help to protect our planet.

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Change what I buy

Re-use, buy less, and choose nature-friendly products. For example, only buy paper and wood from recycled or sustainable sources featuring the FSC logo to be confident you’re not harming the world’s forests.

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Change to clean energy

Help combat climate change, and increase air quality by reducing your use of fossil fuels and supporting renewable energy; for example, in the way you get around and power your home.

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Ask the businesses I buy from to change

Our voices are powerful. Use yours to call for nature-friendly choices. For example, write to your supermarket and to food companies to ask that the only palm oil they use is certified sustainable by the RSPO, and hasn’t caused deforestation.  

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Explore and restore nature locally

Discover nature all around with our free wildlife ID app. Support local wildlife and encourage nature to grow, from beach cleans to urban gardens, support local initiatives that protect and restore nature.

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