Finding the Right Financing

WWF commissioned Z/Yen Group, a leading London-based commercial think-tank, to explore financing approaches for sustainable infrastructure with a special focus on renewables.  Financing the Transition:  Sustainable Infrastructure in Cities articulates concrete recommendations for everything from learning from established best practices from around the world, to shaping, governing and launching new efforts.  Among key findings.
  • The  lack  of  investable  projects  seems  to  be  the  main  issue preventing  sustainable  infrastructure  investment  at  scale  rather than  the  lack  of  finance. 
  • Financial instruments – like tax incentives, green bonds and asset-backed securities – have higher potential to support investment in sustainable infrastructure.
  • To  attract finance  for  sustainable  infrastructure, cities  are advised to  primarily focus on project  preparation  to  develop  a pipeline of investable projects.
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