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Financing sustainable cities

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Financing the Urban Transition

To meet the needs of rising urban populations, cities around the world have to build more railways, buildings, roads, and infrastructure of every kind. At a phenomenal scope and pace. In the next four decades, humanity will create as much infrastructure to accommodate new urban populations as they've built so far throughout recorded history. Trillions of dollars will be invested in urban infrastructure development, upgrade, use and maintenance.

If we are to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping global warming to the safe limit of 1.5°C, while securing future prosperity and wellbeing, this infrastructure needs to be both resilient and low carbon. Otherwise, we could lock the world in on a pathway towards uncontrolled climate change, which risks undoing the economic progress made since World War II, according to the IPCC.

WWF works with city planners, entrepreneurs, the finance sector and innovators globally to do all we can, to ensure that this money is invested in sustainable, 1.5°C compatible, infrastructure solutions. Matching cities with investors. Testing innovative finance models. Shaping policy. Here are the key areas where we are focusing our efforts:

Supporting City Leaders

Testing Innovative Financing Tools

Developing Sustainable Infrastructure Frameworks

Partnering for Cities Climate Finance