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24 Jan 2020

At the CBD COP 15, a global biodiversity framework to 2030 will be agreed that could help save the ...

20 Jan 2020

The RTVE sturgeon documentary is one of the very few films that put the survival the local fishing ...

17 Jan 2020

The demand for legally binding targets on a number of policies from the Green Deal package are ...

16 Jan 2020

Failure to take action on climate change, biodiversity loss, and water crises were seen as among ...

13 Jan 2020

The calf was freed after just a few hours and returned to his mother.

07 Jan 2020

Information stands have been installed at the fish departments of 74 SILPO shops selling fish and ...

06 Jan 2020

WWF-Bulgaria’s campaign addresses the country’s highly polluted and dammed rivers

19 Dec 2019

Campaigners warn that overfishing threatens to turn fishermen into the next endangered species.

17 Dec 2019

Wherever there is fishing, there is bycatch, regardless if it is fishing in a river or the sea.

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