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04 Dec 2019

European Environment Agency State of the Environment Report 2020 released

02 Dec 2019

Solutions to biodiversity loss in the Carpathian Region must include cross-border cooperation.

29 Nov 2019

On International Jaguar Day, WWF shares work to better understand and track jaguars using satellite ...

28 Nov 2019

Despite Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine being saturated with 1000 hydropower ...

24 Nov 2019

Sumatran Rhino Rescue has issued the following statement regarding the death of Malaysia’s last ...

22 Nov 2019

Discover a story old as history, but still present in our lives.

21 Nov 2019

A report analysing different aspects of people across Europe living with large carnivores.

19 Nov 2019

In order to survive, large carnivores need protected isolated areas and migration routes between ...

14 Nov 2019

In financial terms, environmental crime is the third largest crime sector in the world.

11 Nov 2019

The European Commission has confirmed WWF-Romania’s stance.

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