Latest species news
19 Feb 2020

More than 50 business leaders took part in an Our Planet: Our Business event hosted by ...

17 Feb 2020

This is the first documented adult Russian sturgeon in Bulgaria for 17 years

13 Feb 2020

The “Panda of the Yangtze,” a close relative of the sturgeon family, is now extinct.

12 Feb 2020

Large carnivores are present across Europe. With the right measures, tools and attitude, ...

10 Feb 2020

How should one behave if one encounters a bison in the wild?

05 Feb 2020

"...It did not seem wounded ... and yet the fish had something ..."

29 Jan 2020

Grey Wolf, Colourful Village – A Hunter’s Story

27 Jan 2020

Illegal wildlife trade by organised crime in Europe poses a direct threat to the well-being, ...

24 Jan 2020

At the CBD COP 15, a global biodiversity framework to 2030 will be agreed that could help save the ...

20 Jan 2020

The RTVE sturgeon documentary is one of the very few films that put the survival the local fishing ...

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Latest species publications
25 Sep 2019

WWF has conducted the largest consumer survey about ivory trade in China – 2,000 people in 15 ...

06 Sep 2019

A Framework for Understanding Nature-related Risk to Business

11 Apr 2019

50 years of collaboration for whale and dolphin conservation

13 Apr 2015

WWF and Global Initiative report on gaps in global legal architecture

31 Mar 2015

Strategy to guide conservation of Central Africa's declining western gorillas and chimpanzees

06 Mar 2015

Findings highlight the scale of the illegal trade, particularly in South East Asia

12 Dec 2011

A new monkey, a self-cloning skink, five carnivorous plants, and a unique leaf warbler are among ...

21 Jul 2011

Marine turtles are to the Coral Triangle what jewels are to a crown: both indispensable and ...

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