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Posted on 30 November 2018 | 

50 countries and the EU commit to efforts to save continent’s most endangered fish species

Posted on 28 November 2018 | 

WWF calls on countries to safeguard Water Framework Directive ahead of critical water meeting in ...

Posted on 19 November 2018 | 

WWF report highlights dangers posed by mercury to people and nature across the Amazon river basin

Posted on 15 November 2018 | 

Migratory fish will be able to swim from sea to spawning grounds for first time in 47 years

Posted on 14 November 2018 | 

Updated IUCN Red List of threatened species released ahead of world's largest biodiversity ...

Posted on 06 November 2018 | 

New study published by WWF and AB InBev

Posted on 30 October 2018 | 

Humanity and the way we feed, fuel and finance our societies and economies is pushing nature and ...

Posted on 25 October 2018 | 

WWF supported the development of this transformational urban wetlands initiative and the ...

Posted on 25 October 2018 | 

Chinese city aims to protect and restore 80% of its wetlands by 2030

Posted on 18 October 2018 | 

WWF works with the Ramsar Convention and partners to protect wetlands for the benefit of people and ...