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13 Feb 2020

The “Panda of the Yangtze,” a close relative of the sturgeon family, is now extinct.

06 Feb 2020

Moldova sets cooperation with the agricultural sector on reducing its impact on freshwater among ...

05 Feb 2020

"...It did not seem wounded ... and yet the fish had something ..."

05 Feb 2020

With water crises worsening across the world, a new WWF report highlights the range of water risks ...

04 Feb 2020

Scientific expedition counted 900 river dolphins during a 9-day expedition

03 Feb 2020

World Wetlands Day: Climate change is already exacerbating water-related risks in CEE.

01 Feb 2020

Open letter by the International Organization Partners to the Convention on Wetlands: Birdlife ...

27 Jan 2020

Illegal wildlife trade by organised crime in Europe poses a direct threat to the well-being, ...

22 Jan 2020

Helping the Smallest and Most Vulnerable Settlements to Prepare for Climate Change

22 Jan 2020

New WWF report outlines how investing in Nature-based Solutions can build resilience in the face of ...

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Latest freshwater reports, fact sheets, brochures and more
06 Sep 2019

A Framework for Understanding Nature-related Risk to Business

24 May 2018

WWF report on risks and opportunities from perspective of people living and working in the basin

22 Mar 2016

On World Water Day, a look at water in the economy and how the stories we tell about water shape ...

24 Aug 2015

Better methods to account for water’s value could improve corporate decision making, strengthen ...

22 Mar 2013

WWF criticizes dam projects worldwide that continue to violate fundamental sustainability criteria.

27 Aug 2012

Seeking a sustainable future for Lake Naivasha

18 Nov 2010

The report identifies good progress in the development of environmental flows policy across the ...

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