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Who We Are

A global team across the WWF network of offices works to link development and conservation issues and to promote sustainable development solutions both within WWF and with our partners.

About the SD4C Team

Growing out of earlier initiatives on poverty, equity, indigenous peoples, and regional network experiences, the Social Development for Conservation (SD4C) team was established in 2009 to address social and development dimensions in conservation and to build our capacity as a network to effectively and pro-actively engage in these processes.

The cross-cutting scope of the SD4C team, and its global reach, are based on strong collaboration between colleagues working in various capacities from offices across the WWF Network. An engagement at multiple levels (national, regional, global), and in all regions, enhances local-to-global-to-local linkages and allows the team to provide critical support, tools and services for WWF to become an effective player and partner in establishing more equitable and greener development pathways.

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What we do

Seri girl from the Comca'ac culture in Sonora, Gulf of California, Mexico. © WWF
♦ Promote and strengthen knowledge and capacity in the network on social development issues.

♦ Advise WWF on social aspects of our conservation work.

♦ Develop social policies and frameworks.

♦ Work on linking conservation and development issues in policies, strategies and practices around the network.

♦ Foster social dialogue and partnerships externally.

♦ Mainstream social development issues within WWF and our partners.

♦ Advocate with external actors for new development pathways to achieve both environmental sustainability and socially inclusive development.
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