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Why should your city participate in the OPCC? 

  • Put your city on the global map of cities that are committed to keep global warming limited to 1.5 °C.
  • Receive expert feedback on your commitments and strategies, along with advice on more impactful mitigation and adaptation actions to align with 1.5 °C
  • Structure and strengthen your work through reporting on globally-recognized platforms, while also attracting investors eager to invest in urban actions in line with 1.5 °C.
  • Offer engaged citizens transparency – and let your citizens know that you are making efforts to improve transparency through reporting!  
  • Benefit from outreach and recognition by WWF to increase local and international awareness and support for your city’s sustainability efforts.
  • Contribute to collaborative pressure for science-based climate action.
  • Show future generations that your city did what it could before it was too late.


More specifics on the OPCC and reporting for cities: 

  • Between March and July, recorded, regional webinars provide guidance and advice as needed to reporting cities.
  • For your city’s reporting, Global Covenant of Mayors’ requirements will suffice.
  • Cities report on the CDP platform. 
  • CDP and ICLEI are partnering to present one unified process for subnational climate action reporting. Publicly reported data on CDP’s platform will automatically be shared with ICLEI.
  • Preparations for reporting can be initiated on offline questionnaires. The CDP online reporting window opens in April 2019.
  • All the platforms recognized by the Global Covenant of Mayors will be standardized and aligned. The data you report on one, will be easily transferred to another.
  • In July-September 2019, candidate cities may be contacted for complementary information.
  • The jury selects winners through comparison with their local context, and based on their city type. The purpose is to enable a fair assessment of ambition and support a just transition.
  • Your public engagement is supported by the We Love Cities campaign. Finalists are invited and seek votes of confidence from their citizens for bold climate action. They also receive citizen suggestions to further accelerate change. A global winner is selected. This campaign doesn’t influence the winners selected by the OPCC jury. (LINK)
  • We will give tangible guidance along the way on how to get to 1.5 °C, such as webinars and toolkits for OPCC cities related to the buildings and energy sector.
  • We wish to help many cities begin the journey towards a climate-resilient future
  • Let us know! If you don’t have a local WWF contact, send us an email and we will direct you to the right person


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OPCC Daring cities webinars

Watch our webinar series for cities committed to a healthy urban life. Organized by WWF Cities and WMO GAW.