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MEPs urge “far-reaching” climate reform of EU policy

Posted on 28 November 2019

In its first vote on climate, the European Parliament has shown it means business
Brussels, Belgium - 28 November 2019

Today, the new European Parliament nailed its climate colours to the mast by voting to declare a climate and environmental emergency and calling on the European Commission to reform its policies accordingly. 

The vote comes just days before governments meet at the last annual UN climate summit before they must submit updated climate plans, COP25. In two weeks’ time, EU leaders will discuss a climate neutral EU goal for 2050, which is supported by all but three Member States. 

Imke Lübbeke, Head of Climate and Energy at WWF European Policy Office said:
“In its first major vote on climate, the European Parliament has shown it means business, sounding the alarm and urging “far-reaching” reforms of EU policies. The European Commission must immediately begin a serious overhaul of EU farming, transport and trade rules to bring them in line with the Paris climate agreement.

"The message is also clear for EU national leaders: at COP25 and the upcoming European Council, they must do what’s needed to end this climate and nature emergency,” said Lübbeke.

The European Parliament also supported, once again, a 55% emissions reduction by 2030. This is far too low: the UN Emissions Gap report, released this week, shows that global emissions must fall by 7.6% annually to keep temperature rise to 1.5°C. For the EU, this would mean at least 65% cuts by 2030. WWF is also calling for a climate neutral EU target for 2040.

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