WWF statement on MSC paper (29-11-16)

WWF is continually seeking improvements in fisheries and the role fishing plays in the overall health of the ocean. To this end WWF and MSC share a common vision for healthy, productive oceans, which we pursue through different, but complementary efforts.

A paper quoted in the media a number of days ago was a draft version of an internal document. Like any working version of a draft document, this paper was not meant to be the official expression of WWF’s opinion, nor was it fair to characterize it as such.

While the document was inappropriately distributed, it reflects WWF’s understanding of ongoing challenges in tuna fisheries certification in the Indian Ocean over the past five years.

Elements of the paper are part of an ongoing dialogue that we are having with the MSC to drive positive change in the marine environment and bring us all closer to effective conservation and sustainability.

WWF believes that the MSC is the best seafood certification scheme available.

We remain committed to working alongside MSC to eliminate unsustainable and destructive fishing practices.