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How can aquatic and aerial drones, satellite remote sensing, video imaging, and laser applications benefit global fisheries?
WWF brought together fisheries monitoring, control, and surveillance (MCS) practitioners and the most advanced technology providers in their fields for a two day workshop in March where they explored the potential of new technologies such as drones, lasers, and advanced computing to fight illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing in some of our most important fisheries. The workshop determined that many of these new and developing technologies are mature and ready for implementation while many others are rapidly advancing toward practical and economic solutions. Several MCS practitioners and government agencies established strong connections with the technology providers as a result of the event.

The materials presented at the workshop can be found here:
2016 MCS Emerging Technologies Workshop


WWF believes that technology could be the driving force in improving the way that oceans are managed and seeks to position itself as one of the leaders in innovative change through disruptive technologies.