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05 Aug 2020

Drones and other innovative technologies can help make up for the lack of available human resources.

03 Aug 2020

New study comes as negative impacts of dams on rivers, people and nature are clearer than ever

03 Aug 2020

Dams are one of the main factors in the 76% collapse in freshwater migratory fish populations since ...

31 Jul 2020

Every day, countless men and women put their lives at peril to protect the nature we all depend on.

30 Jul 2020

Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic Sets a Landmark Decision on Small Hydropower Plant Siting

28 Jul 2020

Landmark report shows that populations of migratory freshwater fish species have plummeted by 76% ...

27 Jul 2020

Freshwater ecosystems are home to an incredible diversity of species. Rivers, lakes, swamps, ...

17 Jul 2020

Urgent action is needed to reconnect Europe’s rivers.

10 Jul 2020

Global body endorses action plan to safeguard rivers dolphins in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

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Latest freshwater reports, fact sheets, brochures and more
06 Sep 2019

A Framework for Understanding Nature-related Risk to Business

24 May 2018

WWF report on risks and opportunities from perspective of people living and working in the basin

22 Mar 2016

On World Water Day, a look at water in the economy and how the stories we tell about water shape ...

24 Aug 2015

Better methods to account for water’s value could improve corporate decision making, strengthen ...

22 Mar 2013

WWF criticizes dam projects worldwide that continue to violate fundamental sustainability criteria.

27 Aug 2012

Seeking a sustainable future for Lake Naivasha

18 Nov 2010

The report identifies good progress in the development of environmental flows policy across the ...

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