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The food system is the single biggest threat to nature today

It uses most of our natural resources, with 69% of all our water and 34% of our land. It has caused 75% of deforestation, 30% of topsoil erosion and contributes at least 24% of greenhouse gas emissions.

It is not creating healthy people or a healthy planet. 821 million people are hungry while 1.9 billion are overweight or obese. The food system has caused 70% of biodiversity loss and has led to 93% of all our fish stocks being fished to their limits or beyond.

And yet, we don't even eat all the food we produce - around one third of it is lost in the supply chain or thrown away.

The problems are clear. We all need to eat, but the way we produce and consume food is putting an impossible strain on the planet. And with the world’s population set to grow from 7 billion today to more than 9 billion by 2050 it's clear the food system needs to change – urgently.

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