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Climate & Business

Working with business to tackle climate change

Solutions to the climate crisis are available and economically viable, and businesses of all sizes are taking steps to meet the Paris Agreement target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

WWF works with businesses to help them on their journey, from cutting their emissions in line with climate science, to supporting those with innovative technologies, and securing renewable energy to power their business operations.

Why it matters

WWF recognises that business and industry have a key role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, as well as implementing climate-smart technologies and innovations. They must be part of the global effort to tackle climate change and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

There is a compelling business case to take immediate action on climate change. Reducing energy use and emissions can reduce costs and drive efficiency. Companies demonstrating leadership on climate can improve their reputation and position with customers, suppliers, investors and regulators, as well as reduce their exposure to climate risks. They can stay ahead of future policy changes and climate regulations, foster innovation in their organisations and cut operating costs.

Taking climate action simply makes good business sense.
How we work with business

WWF Climate Business Network

The WWF Climate Business Network is a global corporate partnership network that aims to accelerate action on climate change towards a 1.5°C, net-zero future. The Network provides companies with an opportunity to engage with other business leaders and WWF experts to gain the knowledge and guidance needed to take credible, ambitious climate action.

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Corporate Renewables

We work with businesses to enable them to purchase renewable energy to power their operations through buyers alliances. WWF’s international network allows us to connect global businesses to local initiatives, as well as provide them with country-specific strategies and support. Initiatives are currently running in Australia, China, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, the United States and Viet Nam.

Science Based Targets initiative

The Science Based Targets initiative is a partnership between CDP, the UN Global Compact, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and WWF that aims to increase corporate ambition for climate action. The initiative assists companies to set scientifically sound targets that are consistent with the level of decarbonisation required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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Climate Solver

As WWF’s innovation programme, Climate Solver aims to highlight innovative technologies that provide immediate and practical solutions to climate change. The Climate Solver Awards honour climate-smart entrepreneurs and businesses from China, India and the Nordic countries.

Climate Positive

WWF is working with companies to create guidance and a credible definition for a 'climate positive' business movement. Companies that are committed to reduce and remove more greenhouse gas emissions than they produce are invited to join this work.

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