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Marine protected areas: smart investments in ocean restoration

Marine protected areas (MPAs) that effectively protect critical habitats, species and ecological functions are increasingly considered to be an essential tool for recovering, protecting and enhancing biodiversity, productivity and resilience
Emerging research also shows there is also a strong economic and social case for protecting ocean assets through expanding MPAs globally, as a means of securing future delivery of ocean services and benefits.

A study has modelled a range of scenarios to examine the net benefits of expanding MPAs. The study highlighted how well-managed MPAs could help to reduce poverty, increase food security, create employment and protect coastal communities.

Increasing MPA coverage to 30% of marine and coastal areas was estimated to generate at least US$490 billion to US$920 billion annually and between 150,000 to 180,000 full-time jobs in MPA management.

These findings add to clear economic case for governments, business and financial institutions to increase investment in MPAs as part of a long-term programme of ocean protection and restoration.
One of the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the Western Province of Solomon Islands. WWF Pacific SI have worked hand in hand with Communities to help set up a total of 5 MPAs in that area.

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