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03 Dec 2019

The European Parliament's Environment Committee votes to bring Europe's nature back

29 Nov 2019

Mediterranean countries are failing on their global commitment to protect at least 10% of marine ...

15 Nov 2019

WWF’s research shows that the EU’s fishing agreements with non-EU countries do not always ...

08 Oct 2019

He focused on the Climate Law. Discussions on biodiversity were vaguer.

08 Oct 2019

Climate change and nature loss must be tackled together.

26 Sep 2019

WWF calls on decision makers to embed gender equality in all development and conservation policies

25 Sep 2019

By 2050, as sea levels rise and fish stocks shift due to a warming ocean, one billion people who ...

10 Sep 2019

19 of 23 marine EU Member States are falling behind on developing management plans for their Marine ...

24 Jun 2019

iIlegal management of protected North Sea nature reserves has left protected areas decimated by ...

21 Jun 2019

What could this mean for Europe?

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