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The WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2016

The WWF Environmental Paper Awards 2016 go to

Awards are based on product level performance (see method) and are issued in the categories Transparency”, Best Environmental Performance Paper Brands” and Striving for Continual Improvement

With the Environmental Paper Awards WWF recognizes the efforts of companies who are transparent on the environmental footprint of their paper brands and show proactive steps in reducing the forest, water and climate footprint of paper production.

The Award categories are linked to WWF´s Check your Paper:

In cooperation with scientists, paper buyers, producers and NGOs, WWF has developed a simple but scientifically robust method in evaluating a paper product’s footprint.

The method is the basis for the online platform Check your Paper which allows producers and merchants to either do a non-public self-check on their paper brands, or to publish their brands publicly.

Buyers and merchants can find brands with a low forest, climate and water footprint, but can also use the tool to work with their suppliers towards improvements.

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