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In the last year of the Super decade, WWF experts share their journeys in conservation and reflect ...

06 Mar 2020

An old floodplain forest in Hungary was destroyed by unauthorised clear-cutting in a protected area ...

24 Feb 2020

His strong belief in Bulgaria’s potential enables him to look to the future.

19 Feb 2020

More than 50 business leaders took part in an Our Planet: Our Business event hosted by ...

07 Feb 2020

Bringing together INTERPOL’s law enforcement expertise with WWF’s practical experience to halt ...

31 Jan 2020

If this decision is approved, the area of natural monuments in Ukraine will increase 200-fold.

06 Jan 2020

WWF is greatly saddened by the devastating impacts on people and nature as Australia is ravaged by ...

27 Dec 2019

Climate change is real, and a warming climate will increase the risks for our forests and our ...

16 Dec 2019

Data released today shows that deforestation is leading to mass extinction.

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