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06 Jan 2020

WWF is greatly saddened by the devastating impacts on people and nature as Australia is ravaged by ...

27 Dec 2019

Climate change is real, and a warming climate will increase the risks for our forests and our ...

16 Dec 2019

Data released today shows that deforestation is leading to mass extinction.

13 Dec 2019

A radical change of the wood selling system is required together with an associated system of ...

11 Dec 2019

The European Parliament and EU governments must now translate the many good intentions into ...

04 Dec 2019

European Environment Agency State of the Environment Report 2020 released

03 Dec 2019

Due to their valuable timber and easy accessibility, oak forests in Central and Eastern Europe have ...

02 Dec 2019

Messok Dja is part of the Tri-National Dja-Odzala-Minkebe (TRIDOM) landscape which is one of the ...

29 Nov 2019

WWF-Hungary aims to halt biodiversity decline in areas with oak forests that are parts of the ...

26 Nov 2019

An important milestone for the sustainable forest management of beech tree forest has been achieved ...

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