Дэлхийн байгаль хамгаалах сан (WWF)-гийн Монгол дахь хөтөлбөрийн газар

Дэлхийн байгаль хамгаалах сан (WWF)-гийн Монголхөтөлбөрийн газар

ДБХС-гийн Монгол дахь Хөтөлбөрийн Газар нь Монгол улсын Засгийн газар усны тогтвортой менежментийн бодлогыг хэрэгжүүлэхэд дэмжлэг үзүүлэх зорилгоор Ховд, Буянт голын сав газрын зөвлөлийг байгуулах, эдгээр голуудын сав газрын нэгдсэн менежмент төлөвлөгөөг боловсруулахад дэмжлэг үзүүлэх, усны нөөцийн тогтвортой менежментийн талаарх олон нийтийн мэдлэгийг дээшлүүлэх хөтөлбөр санаачилж хэрэгжүүлж байна.

Дэлхийн байгаль хамгаалах сан (WWF)-гийн Монгол дахь хөтөлбөрийн газар нь Голын сав газрын нэгдсэн менежментийн төлөвлөгөөг боловсруулахад шаардлагатай дараах суурь судалгааг дэмжихээр төлөвлөж байна. Судалгааны дэлгэрэнгүй мэдээллийг авахыг хүсвэл энд дарна уу.

Төлөвлөсөн судалгааны ажлууд:

1)       Уур амьсгал, цаг уур

2)       Геологи, физик газарзүй, хөрс

3)       Усны системтомоохон хэмжээний дэд бүтэц

4)       Усны нөөц, тоо хэмжээ

5)       Усны чанар

6)       Экологи, ус-экологи

7)       Нийгэм эдийн засгийн хөгжилхөдөө аж ахуй, уул уурхайгаас бусад 

8)       Нийгэм эдийн засгийн хөгжил хөдөө аж ахуй

9)       Нийгэм эдийн засгийн хөгжилуул уурхай

10)   Усны ашиглалт/хэрэгцээ, тоон дүн шинжилгээ

11)   Усны нэгдсэн баланс

12)   Сав газартай холбоотой хууль эрхзүй, бүтэц, зохион байгуулалт, чадавхийн асуудалд дүн шинжилгээ 

Сонирхсон мэргэжилтэн, байгууллагууд өөрийн товч танилцуулга болон тухайн ажлыг гүйцэтгэх аргачилалын хамт оролцох хүсэлтээ 6 сарын 15-ны дотор info@wwf.mn хаягаар ирүүлнэ үү.
for the Mongolia Programme Office based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Major duties and responsibilities

  • Provides leadership in the development and implementation of a conservation plan that contributes effectively to the WWF Global Programme Framework priorities defined for Mongolia and the region, links biodiversity and development issues, and is relevant to national / regional policies, constituencies, and civil society;
  • Based on the conservation plan, assists the Representative in the development of the WWF Mongolia operational plan and budget, and works closely with the Operations Director to ensure necessary human capacity and skill sets are in place;
  • Develops and maintains effective working relationship with Altai-Sayan and Amur Heilong Ecoregion Teams, ensuring synergies and good collaboration between the ecoregions and the WWF Mongolia conservation plan;
  • Ensures that programme audits/evaluations are performed and followed up on, that a programme-wide timetable for the evaluation of projects is developed, maintained, and respected, and that lessons are compiled for future reference and use by the WWF Network;
  • Ensures the development of a Monitoring & Evaluation and reporting framework in line with Network requirements, and reports as required to the Network;
  • Builds up a strong and united conservation team, facilitating good communication, collaboration, and sharing of lessons learned amongst them;
  • In close coordination with the Representative, supports strategic engagement with relevant international and national stakeholders on conservation and development issues, including strong engagement on policy issues; and
  • Supports the Representative on donor liaison and fund-raising.



  • Advanced university degree in an appropriate field (conservation / environment / natural resource management forest / freshwater / terrestrial ecology);
  • Additional academic training or a degree in a management field would be a strong asset;
  • Broad working experience and good knowledge of conservation and development issues in Mongolia and/or the region, with at least 5 years of experience;
  • Proven track record in successfully developing, leading, and managing projects in the field of conservation, natural resource management, international development, and/or other related fields;
  • At least 7 years professional experience in a project management role, 3 years of which should be in Mongolia or the region, with demonstrated success in managing multi-disciplinary teams;
  • Knowledge of the international development and conservation community in Mongolia and the region, as well as of relevant policy issues;
  • Good technical skills, the ability to develop and coordinate conservation programmes and projects, and able to work effectively with a wide variety of partners and disciplines;
  • Skilled in negotiation, liaison, and relationship and conflict management;
  • Strong skills in project planning, proposal writing, financing, management, implementation, and evaluation, and experience working with donors;
  • Strong organisational and analytical skills;
  • Excellent inter-personal skills, with the ability to network, develop, and maintain strong relationships at all levels, both internally and with local communities, government agencies, the not-for-profit sector, the scientific community, the business community, and the WWF Network;
  • Adaptable, flexible, and able to take the initiative and prioritize amongst competing demands; and
  • Excellent English, with knowledge of local languages (Mongolian, Russian, others) an asset.


Application deadline:  Wednesday 03 June 2009

Please e-mail a CV and cover letter to: info@wwf.mn.


With the financial assistance from Asian Development Bank (JFPA) the Ministry of Environment and Tourism is planning to implement Assistance for Poverty Reduction through Community-Based Natural Resourse Management Project (JFPR Project No. 41660-01) in Onon river basin. In this connection WWF Mongolia, the implementing consultant of the project, is compiling a roster for national experts that would provide technical services to the project.

The services of national consultants are required to (i) facilitate participatory planning and community organization for the conduct of socio-economic and ecological studies; (ii) provide technical assistance (TA) to community organizations in preparing resource inventories and management plans; (iii) prepare materials and lesson plans for ecological education; and (iv) provide assistance in enterprise, product, and market development. The roster is expected to expand during the project implementation in response to stakeholder interest and evolving project needs.

The consultants should have the following qualifications and experience: (i) be registered officially as national institution or entity (for institutional contracts), (ii) a proven track record of professionalism and ethical conduct, (iii) relevant technical skills and knowledge and extensive work experience in the respective field, (iv) experience in providing consultancy services, experience with donor-funded projects; (v) extensive countryside work and travel experience; and (vi) good reporting and writing skills.

Terms of References for the national experts and soft copy of the CV format can be downloaded from WWF Mongolia website (www.wwf.mn).

Interested national experts are invited to send his or her CVs and brief expression of interest letter by  25 October 2008 to WWF Mongolia at info@wwf.mn.

The roster of national experts shall not be viewed as a legally binding contract and WWF Mongolia will retain the right to share experts name and CVs with other stakeholders.