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WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative

Sand beach on the Mediterranean coast, and shrubland in the background. Corsica, France

Leading change for the Mediterranean Sea

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The Mediterranean Initiative was created in 2010 by five national WWF offices - FranceGreeceItalySpainTurkey - with the WWF Mediterranean Programme Office (MedPO), WWF European Policy Office (EPO) and WWF International to scale-up the conservation effort in this region and to increase alignment between these offices and the WWF Global Marine Programme.

Over the next years, the WWF Mediterranean Initiative will develop solutions, build alliances, and invigorate societies and economies across the Mediterranean region to conserve marine ecosystems that provide a wealth of resources.

WWF’s experienced staff, extensive history of work in the region, and robust network of allies position us well to lead the Initiative to conservation success.

"The WWF Mediterranean Initiative is a concerted, coordinated effort bringing together all the WWF offices in the region. Our vision is to mobilize society, engage stakeholders, help create the necessary conditions that will enable the much needed transformative changes in marine conservation".

Demetres Karavellas, CEO WWF-Greece, Chair of the MMI.

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"WWF has identified the Mediterranean as a priority ecoregion in urgent need of conservation. It is home to rare and important marine habitats, extensive endemism and a number of critically endangered charismatic “flagship” species. "

Paolo Lombardi, Director, WWF Mediterranean Programme

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Out of the plastic trap © WWF
The Mediterranean Sea is today one of the seas with the highest levels of plastic pollution in the world. Being a semi-closed sea surrounded by intensely populated countries, the Mediterranean is becoming a dangerous plastic trap, affecting all marine wildlife as well as people. Read the full report.


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