Conservation through empowering civil society in Kenya | WWF
Conservation through empowering civil society in Kenya

Posted on 28 May 2015

Civil Society Organizations are today a part of important discussions and decisions involving natural resources in Kenya
The Kenyan Coast plays host to an immense wealth of natural resources that support both people and nature. There has been an ever-increasing demand by various stakeholders to access and extract these natural resources for livelihoods or profit.

Moreover, governance issues hindering effective management of natural resources and conservation efforts have been noted. In their functionality, there have been fundamental gaps such as weak capacity, lack of coordinated efforts between Civil Society Organizations that would help them when engaging due diligence with government, private sector and communities around natural resources.

WWF has been working to facilitate capacity building of Civil Society Organizations as agents of change while creating an environment where they could thrive.  This has included the creation of forums and alliances, which support Civil Society Organizations to influence decision-making processes around natural resources and conservation agenda.  The documentary below is a testament to the change that civil society has brought to policy and law in Kenya, particularly in areas that contribute to humans living in harmony with nature.