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Coral Triangle Day 2014

As with previous years, Coral Triangle Day in 2014 was celebrated simultaneously in a total of six countries in the region through on-the-ground events.

Every June 9 we celebrate the Coral Triangle Day


The WWF Coral Triangle Programme supported
  • A total of six countries participated this year
  • 16 recorded events for Indonesia
  • 10 recorded events in the Philippines
  • 4 recorded events in Malaysia
  • 3 recorded events in the Solomon Islands
  • 1 recorded event in Fiji
  • 1 recorded event in Timor Leste
  • The WWF Coral Triangle Programme supported a sustainable seafood event in the Philippines together with WWF-Philippines via a high-profile event with celebrity chef Bobby Chinn. The event was held in Hamilo Coast where members of the media were present and learned more about sustainable seafood. This event got very good media coverage. This is the third year Bobby Chinn has partnered with WWF, since the beginning of Coral Triangle Day.