Photo Story of SDN 010 Bongan with WWF-Indonesia (2011 - 2018) | WWF
Photo Story of SDN 010 Bongan with WWF-Indonesia (2011 - 2018)

Posted on 19 August 2019

SDN 010 Bongan and WWF – Indonesia
By: Rini Andriani
Environmental for Sustainable Development Coordinator

SDN 010 Bongan is one of the WWF-Indonesia assisted schools located in the Heart of Borneo. Beginning with the participation of this school in the Education for Sustainable Development training organized by WWF - Indonesia.
It starts with learning and teaching in schools using a variety of learning methods that not only invite students to learn in the classroom but can also do learning outside the classroom.
Prepare around the school grounds as a learning medium for students and the local community, It is not only a place of learning for students, but also a place of discussion and practice for the surrounding community by opening a school library for the community to form a learning house - Borneo library and farmer groups
There has been a change of school principals but still continuing sustainable programs and has been designated as environmentally friendly school and sustainable school
Established by the Kutai Barat district in 2017 as a pilot school in Kutai Barat district, East Kalimantan

Whole School Approach 
Since 2011, SDN 010 Bongan has been accompanied by WWF - Indonesia through a Whole School Approach, school progress is seen gradually with sustainable school outcomes

Involve the community for:
making policies in schools
planning program in schools
the process of implementing activities
Together with the community doing learning in school for example inviting or visiting the community for the learning process

Culture and Etos School
A Whole School Approach to decision making (involving students, teachers, school committees and local government officials, traditional leaders and citizens)
Participatory decision making covers all aspects of school life
Sustainability learning is part of the mission and vision of the school

Teaching and Learning 
Incorporate local potential and issues into subjects
Enriching learning methodology inside and outside the room, such as field observations, discussions, games, story telling etc
Capacity building for educators such as training and workshops