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WWF-Central and Eastern Europe’s Annual Review 2018 Now Available

Posted on 22 August 2019

WWF-Central and Eastern Europe’s Annual Review 2018 - A New WWF for the Green Heart of Europe
WWF-CEE is proud to present a review of our work during 2018-2019. The publication highlights our conservation activities to protect freshwater, forests, large carnivores, bison and sturgeon, as well as our efforts in the fields of governance, finance and markets. The Annual Review also presents broad view of WWF’s global initiative for a New Deal for Nature and People over the next 2 years.
Milestones included:
  • We changed our name from the WWF International Danube-Carpathian Programme to WWF Central and Eastern Europe (WWF-CEE), and have a new Board;
  • In Hungary, our short campaign stopped the destruction of Csarna Valley, the country’s largest remaining intact forest;
  • In Bulgaria, our ongoing efforts to protect Pirin National Park have resulted in massive national and international support, as well as several favourable court rulings;
  • Wetland restoration projects at Persina and Kalimok in Bulgaria are on track for completion and the Barcs-Old-Drava side-arm restoration has been completed;
  • All of the key elements have dropped into place for the final designation of the Mura-Drava-Danube Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, the Amazon of Europe;
  • After decades of plummeting numbers due to poaching and habitat loss, Europe’s sturgeon species have at last been given much needed hope;
  • We continued to investigate and promote solutions in which Europe’s human population can live in harmony with large carnivores;
  • WWF-Romania and Rewilding Europe began the largest ever bison reintroduction in the Romanian Southwestern Carpathians; and
  • 8.5 million hectares, i.e. one third of the forests, and a total of 1,530 companies in our region are now FSC-certified.
Download the 2018 WWF-CEE Annual Review here or read it online in flip-book form here.