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WWF Hungary, Ukraine and Bulgaria Win Creative Campaign Awards

Posted on 24 June 2019

Targeting the art and designing audience can help us to accelerate our impact.
WWF Hungary, Ukraine and Bulgaria demonstrate that "green communication" can in fact be fresh, trendy and even be a leader in the creative field. Targeting the art and design audience can help us to accelerate our impact by the voice for nature through fashion, art and many other “non-traditional” fields. Congratulations to our colleagues for their innovative, effective and award-winning creative campaigns on behalf of the Green Heart of Europe! The awareness-raising initiatives focused on key regional conservation areas such as sturgeon preservation, free flowing healthy rivers and nature parks, as well as the global issue of ocean protection.
WWF-Hungary Cor(r)aling Creative Campaign Awards
It may seem to be a little bit out of focus for WWF-Hungary to communicate about corals, but as part of the global network, it is our duty to make people care about the oceans even if our national work does not target it. Besides the issues of plastic pollution, fishing and sustainable tourism, healthy ocean ecosystems provide every second breath we take and absorb a quarter of human carbon dioxide emissions. But these ecosystems are in danger: the populations of marine vertebrates have shrunk by half. Fifty percent of our coral reefs have been lost, and 150 million tonnes of plastic waste floating in our seas are endangering the ocean wildlife, and hence our life.
Furthermore, we would like to demonstrate that "green communication" can in fact be fresh, trendy and even be a leader in the creative field. Targeting the art and designing audience can help us to accelerate our impact by the voice for nature through fashion, art and many other “non-traditional” fields. Please see our earlier article on the #keeplivingcoral initiative here.
The creative campaign has been awarded the following so far:
Golden Award of Montreux– 1 Finalist
Lürzer’s Archive– Full page appearance
Communication Arts– Winner (Photography Annual) – first Hungarian winner!
One Show- 2 Shortlist
New York Festivals– 3 Finalist
ADC Global– 3 Bronze
D&AD– Wood Pencil
Their campaign, designed by the White Rabbit agency, is currently in the running for a creative award in Cannes in July.
Coral reefs support more than a quarter of all ocean life. The oceans supply food and livelihoods for billons of people, produce half the oxygen we breathe, and absorb about one quarter of our carbon dioxide emissions. WWF is supporting the establishment of protected marine areas; working to reduce the pressure that our marine life is facing from unsustainable fishing practices and development; and is fighting to protect coral reefs around the globe.
Contact Alexa Berende, PR Communications Officer, WWF-Hungary, alexa.berende@wwf.hu
WWF-Ukraine’s WebVR Connect2Sturgeons Project Named One of the Best Social Sector Communication Solutions in the Country
Close to a hundred of different practical examples of communication for social change were reviewed by SHKALA, the first Forum of Communication for social and behavioural changes in Kiev last month. An independent jury consisting of representatives from UNICEF and other experts judged WWF-Ukraine’s WebVR Connect2Sturgeons Project as one of the country’s best communication solutions. The Connect2Sturgeons Project was created using WebVR, a method which complements web browser technology with virtual reality. The story begins in the Ukrainian area of the Danube Delta among these fabulous creatures, survivors from the age of dinosaurs 245 to 208 million years ago. Besides learning interesting facts about the biodiversity of the Danube Delta, there are ways you can directly help preserve sturgeon in Ukraine.
We were glad to receive so many strong campaigns. The main criterion for selecting the best - those who will present their case at the Forum - was the effectiveness of using communications for social change," said Anastasia Nurzhynska, co-organiser of the SHKALA Forum.
"Virtual reality technologies are actively used abroad to address acute social problems. One can find a number of projects on the topic of selective collection, river pollution oceans and the disappearance of wildlife. But in Ukraine, this tool has not yet been used in communicating conservation issues. We decided to make an experiment and create Connect2Sturgeons - a virtual tour around some sturgeon habitats," said Valeriia Nemykina, Communications Manager, WWF-Ukraine.
The excursion consists of five captivating scenes: the traveller sees the Danube Delta and the Black Sea from a bird’s eye view; visits “Kilometre Zero” of the Delta where the wild sturgeon live; watch the fishermen in Vylkovo; and later understands how the sturgeon are bred utilising aquaculture. The experience is currently only available in Ukrainian, but it should be available in English by Autumn, 2019.
"Often, in order to understand something, it's worth seeing it at least once. Not everyone has the opportunity and time to visit the Danube Delta, or see live wild sturgeon. At the same time, according to public data, Ukrainians spend at least 30% of their time on the Internet and social media. This is why we had the idea of ‘removing the distance’ and, with the help of cutting-edge technology, making the world of sturgeons a little closer to everyone," - said Mila Arseniuk, WWF-Ukraine Marketing and Communications Coordinator.
According to the data of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) the sturgeon family today is the most vulnerable family on the Red List and is on the verge of extinction. Currently, 27 species of sturgeon live in the Northern Hemisphere. Not so long ago there were 6 species in the Danube River, but now only 4 can be confirmed. All of them are protected by the Red List of Ukraine. The main reason for their extinction is contact with humans and their activities: poachers, who illegally hunt the wild sturgeon for their black caviar; dykes which obstruct the free migration of fish; and water pollution, just to name a few...That is why we feel it is necessary to inform Ukrainians about their incredible, threatened natural treasures – the sturgeon.
Congratulations to the project team! Project Leader - Natalia Gozak, Project Management - Mila Arsenyuk, Production - New Cave Media, Communication - Valeria Nemikina, and Illustration Design - Oksana Sotnikova.

Contact: Valeriia Nemykina, Communications, WWF-Ukraine, vnemykina@wwf.ua

WWF-Bulgaria’s SOS Rivers in support of preserving a strong Water Frame Directive (WFD) received 3 top awards in 3 categories at FARA - the most prestigious advertising festival in Bulgaria. The campaign integrated the fishing community, an influencial fishing vlogger, a call to action on the EU Water Framework Directive, social media and an animated film. The categories were

🔹 Social, Political, Media Advertisement
🔹 Brand Activation
🔹 Innovation

Moreover, WWF-Bulgaria won a special award in honour of FARA's 20th birthday. Their creative campaign with Ogilvy for Nature Parks won as one of the four BEST OF THE FIRST 20 in the print advertisement category.

Congratulations to the Freshwater and Communication Teams, as well as the Graffiti Agency for their award-wining campaigns.
Contact: Vladimir Ivanov, Communications Manager, WWF-Bulgaria, vivanov@wwfdcp.bg
SOS Rivers Campaign
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