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Who we are

The WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme is an ambitious and highly influential force working to conserve and restore the health of the Balitc Sea. The programme is comprised of WWF and NGO partners in each of the nine coastal Baltic Sea countries.

Representing the region’s largest membership network, the programme’s approach has been to work with public and private sector partners toward ensuring a healthy, productive Baltic Sea through sustainable, ecosystem-based management.  

Our work promotes a holistic and integrated approach to the conservation and sustainable management of the Baltic Sea, while addressing the biggest threats facing this sensitive region, including eutrophication and overfishing.

The WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme works on the ground and in policy arenas. We combine scientific knowledge and expertise with creative innovation and political determination to save the unique life and beauty of the Baltic Sea.

We also work with local communities and key stakeholders - such as fishermen, farmers, local industry and other conservation groups - to cooperate in the management of our share marine resources.

Our long-term vision is to secure a healthy ecosystem for the Baltic Sea and to ensure that:

  • Conservation and use of the sea is planned an managed through a holistic ecosystem-based approach
  • Long-term sustainability of fish stocks are secured
  • The Baltic Sea is protected from excessive eutrophication

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Key Contact

Ottilia Thoreson, Programme Director

WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme
Ulriksdals Slott, S-170 81 Solna Sweden

Direct: +46 8 624 74 15
Mobile: +46 732 74 58 67
E-mail: ottilia.thoreson@wwf.se

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