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Future Trends

Future Trends

Important part of deciding what kind of actions are needed to address the threats facing the Baltic Sea is to have a look into the future and ask what kind of future we want for the Baltic Sea.
The Baltic Sea is getting more crowded, used by a variety of maritime activities, almost all projected to increase and expand substantially over the next 15 years.

This growth will increase demand for the limited space and resources of the sea, and could consequently lead to increased conflicts within maritime sectors, between human uses and nature.
This interactive map produced in conjunction with the 2010 WWF report ‘Future Trends in the Baltic Sea’ aims to illustrate probable scenarios for the future based on best available knowledge.
This work was continued in 2011 When WWF, with financial support from Trygg Hansa/RSA, published a the 'Counter Currents – Scenarios for the Baltic Sea 2030', launching the Baltic scenarios building process.

Future Trends report

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