Networking for conservation | WWF
Please note that this list is not comprehensive. For an up-to-date list of our partners and sponsors, please contact us.

Who supports our work…

Those we work with…

  • Alexander Von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute (Colombia)
  • APCOB - Support for the Indigenous Peasant from Eastern Bolivia
  • CADEFOR – Amazonic Center for Sustainable Forest Enterprise
  • CSF – Conservation Strategy Fund
  • CI - Conservation International
  • CFV - Bolivian Council of Voluntary Forest Certification
  • CIBAPA - Lower Paraguá Indigenous Central (Bolivia)
  • CIDEDER - Integrated Center for Ecological Defense (Bolivia)
  • COBODES - Bolivian Consulting Firm for Sustainable Development
  • FAUNAGUA (Bolivia)
  • FSC – Forest Stewardship Council
  • FUNDESNAP - Foundation for the Development of the National Protected Areas System
  • FUNDFORMA - Forestry Formation and Environment Development Foundation (Bolivia)
  • GTZ – German Technical Assistance Agency
  • IBIF - Bolivian Institute for Forestry Research
  • IMAFLORA - Institute for Forest and Agriculture Management and Certification
  • Imazon - Amazon Institute of People and the Environment
  • IPHAE - Institute for Man, Agriculture and Ecology (Bolivia)
  • REMA (Rescue in your Hands), Bolivia
  • SERNAP - National Protected Areas Service, Bolivia
  • SNV - Dutch Service for Development Cooperation
  • TBI – Tropenbos International
  • TNC - The Nature Conservancy
  • WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society

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