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WWF Africa Annual Report FY18

Posted on 13 August 2019

‘We don’t inherit the world from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.’ And while we are never done saving the future of our planet for them we can at least say that we had a good first stab at it. Youth give us hope when what we are trying to do seems too hard. And feeling the energy of young conservationists can energize us to keep fighting against all odds. - Frederick Kwame Kumah, ND4NP Initiative

Much has changed in Africa since WWF started its work on the continent. Economic trends, population dynamics, infrastructural development, technological advances, increased civic consciousness, changed political regimes and outlooks, increased natural resource extraction and the introduction of new trading patterns and  partners  are just a few of the changes that have been witnessed on the continent over the past few decades.


To tackle these new challenges WWF in Africa came up with the Africa Vision 2020 whose aim is “To be an influential and respected conservation organization in Africa that models sustainable relationships between humans and nature”. The aim is to harness the networks power in mobilizing people, knowledge, financing, and partnerships to achieve this vision. 


Through every sphere of conservation, the hand of the old and the young is visible. Imparting knowledge, respecting our old and new ways, delighting in the beauty of our cross generational working hand in hand and making, not just Africa but, a world worth living for the next generation to nurture.


We are pleased to dedicate this publication to a Young Africa!