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13 Dec 2019

EU Member States are spending billions of Euros less on climate action than they could

13 Dec 2019

The “WWF Enforcement Review of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR)” analysis is based on surveys WWF ...

03 Dec 2019

CANOPY is a biannual newsletter from WWF Forest and Climate

02 Dec 2019

The first ever Europe-wide inventory of hydropower plants shows rivers to be saturated with ...

27 Nov 2019

The single most obvious thread that runs through the survey completed by patrol rangers at nearly ...

18 Nov 2019

The European Green Deal is a golden opportunity to secure the gifts freshwater ecosystems provide ...

15 Nov 2019

A comprehensive review of the CFP’s external dimension and links to achieving the UN SDGs

15 Nov 2019

WWF & Stop Illegal Fishing present recommendations to secure future SFPAs that can benefit both the ...

24 Oct 2019

WWF recommendations to combat IUU fishing in developing countries

21 Oct 2019

A game-changing Green Deal is feasible, if there is a bold financial plan.

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