Consultant - Wildlife Crime fundraising

Posted on 24 March 2023

WWF European Policy Office is looking for a consultant to carry out a review of European fundraising opportunities to support work related to wildlife trade and wildlife crime.
WWF European Policy Office and WWF European Offices carry out a number of activities focused on wildlife trade and wildlife crime across Europe, but also globally, to help address resource overexploitation. Fundraising is key to continue supporting existing projects and develop new ones, but knowledge of existing fundraising opportunities is limited.
Objectives and description of the work
The objective of this review is to provide the WWF European Policy Office and WWF European Offices with a better understanding of existing fundraising opportunities in Europe that could be exploited to support our work related to wildlife trade and crime. This includes exploring European fundraising opportunities existing at the national level, as well as less conventional EU funds. Such fundraising opportunities would need to be applicable to work being carried out at multiple levels (national, regional, global).
The consultant is expected to prepare a report compiling information about:
  • Full scoping of available EU fundraising opportunities, in particular less conventional funds (e.g. in DG-JUST, DG-SANTE, etc.).
  • Fundraising opportunities available at national level from European member state bilateral donors.
  • Fundraising opportunities offered by foundations based in Europe.
Expected duration
The expected duration for the work is 15 working days.

Please consult the detailed terms of reference attached for more information.

Interested consultants are invited to send the following information:
  • Economic offer, indicating their daily rate, expected start date and indicative duration for the work
  • One-page CV or description of the expertise of the consultant on the subject
These documents, and any request for further information, should be sent by 9 April 2023 midnight to Audrey CHAMBAUDET,