Call for proposals - mid term evaluation of WWF's European strategic policy plan

Posted on 15 March 2023

WWF European Policy Office is looking for a service provider to carry out a mid-term review of the WWF Network’s European-wide strategic policy plan for 2020-2026. The review is to be carried out in the calendar year 2023, assessing our impact and work carried out since July 2019 up until June 2023.

The ‘WWF Blueprint for a Sustainable European Policy Agenda 2020-2026’ is WWF’s pan-European strategic policy plan, developed and to be implemented, monitored and resourced by all European National Offices (NOs) and Programme Offices (POs). It intends to enable the WWF Network in Europe to speak with one voice on policy issues of European relevance, and to achieve our impact in priority areas called ‘network wins’.

Objectives and description of the work

This evaluation is carried out with three main objectives:
  1. Assessing the impact of WWF’s advocacy and campaigning in key EU policy areas (‘network wins’), measured against the set objectives;
  2. Sharing of lessons learnt between staff in both EPO and the WWF Network, at a very practical level that serves in their day-to-day decision making, on how to successfully influence EU policy making through both national and EU level engagement;
  3. Informing senior management at national and EU level on organisational (EPO and the WWF European Network) strengths and areas for improvements when further implementing our plan and developing the next.
The evaluation should seek to respond to a select number of evaluation questions. These are:
  1. In how far have WWF EPO and the WWF Network been successful and able to have impact when implementing its policy blueprint, and how well are we on track to implement our plan towards 2026?
  2. What have been the lessons learnt so far during the implementation of WWF’s Policy Blueprint which the WWF Network should be mindful of when (a) continuing to implement the policy blueprint and (b) when developing and agreeing its strategic plan and priorities for FY27 onwards?
  3. Considering our policy priorities were adopted before the introduction of the European Green Deal and global societal and geopolitical changes, what is today’s relevance of our current programme? Do we have the right priorities set?
Key final deliverables:
  • A practical, user-friendly and attractive ‘tips & tricks’ or ’handbook’-styled publication that captures the main lessons learnt from our WWF advocacy in a way that these can be taken into account by individual WWF staff members working with EU policies. Where appropriate, distinction shall be made between the tips and tricks relevant for the EU level (WWF EPO) and European WWF Offices. This publication should rely heavily on practical examples to share the lessons learnt.
  • An evaluation report for senior management in WWF EPO and WWF offices that provides an answer to the three research questions, along with clear recommendations to the organisation as a whole on any follow-up actions, distinguishing between recommendations for national WWF offices and WWF EPO:
A total budget of around €50.000 (VAT excluded) is foreseen for the entire evaluation, assuming around 50 FTE working days, layouting and travel.

Please consult the more detailed request for proposals for more information. For any further questions, please contact Tycho Vandermaesen (

Expressions of interest and proposals should be sent by 30 March 2023 23:59 (CET) to Please write “Consultancy proposal for Mid-Term Evaluation” in the subject line, and include:
  • Description of the proposed methodology and detailed timeline for project deliverables as outlined above;
  • Relevant background and description of expertise of the consultant(s) involved, relevant references, and CVs of consultant(s) who will participate in the project;
  • Economic offer, including daily rate and the number of days/breakdown of cost by task/milestone.
The proposal should be no longer than 5 pages, plus CV’s of participating consultant(s).
Proposals will be assessed using a selection of criteria, including: fit to brief, previous experience and profile of the service provider, credible proposed methodology and value for money.

Meetings with shortlisted candidates will take place on Thursday 6 April 2023.