Consultant - who determines the cost of food?

Posted on 13 September 2022

WWF EPO is looking for consultant(s) to carry out a cross-country study on how food prices are being affected by short- and long-term government policies and actions by other major economic actors.
Eat4Change is a WWF-led, international project co-funded by the European Union, pushing for a shift toward more sustainable diets and food production practices. Eat4Change strives to engage citizens, and particularly the youth (15-35 year olds), to take an active role in society and support a shift towards more plant-based diets for the wellbeing of people and the planet.
In the scope of this project, the WWF-UK and WWF-European Policy Office are currently seeking support from a consulting company or research institute to perform an explorative study that will shed new light on how government policies and actions by other major economic actors, notably investors and retailers, could be affecting food prices and thus mitigating or contributing to the rising cost of living.

How to apply?

Proposals should include : 
  • relevant background of the supplier/consultant(s) involved, CVs of consultants 
    who will participate in the project; 
  • cost estimate for the project to include the daily rate per team member, the number of days/breakdown of cost by task/milestone and team member. Please also include any applicable charity discounts you may offer;
  • detailed timeline for project activities/deliverables and description of the proposed methodology;
  • a brief overview of your organisations environmental and social activities [you can ask for general credentials like CSR policies, charity/community support, apprenticeship hosting, what is their DE&I situation, gender pay gap, ISO qualifications, or aspects specific to the project i.e. if it is a report on tackling food waste, do they offer any support to local schemes, do they have a cycle to work scheme etc. It’s always good to know if suppliers align with our values and encourage them to walk the talk!)  
The proposal should be no longer than 5-6 pages plus CVs of participating consultants/ suppliers. Proposals will be assessed using a selection of criteria, likely including: fit to brief, previous experience of consultancy, how quickly the work can be completed, value for money, credible proposed methodology. 
Closing date to submit proposals: 17 October 2022
Delivery of final report: 30 April 2023
Guidance on budget available: €40,000-€60,000 (VAT included)

Contact persons: Giulia Riedo, WWF European Policy Office:

Please see attached TORs for the full description of the project and additional information.