Consultant for analysis of the socio-economic impacts of the EU Common Fisheries Policy

Posted on 21 August 2020

WWF European Policy Office (EPO) is looking for a consultant to conduct an analysis on consistency between measures to conserve marine resources, standards of maritime safety and working conditions within the CFP, its state of play and options for the future
In the context of the evaluation and the revision of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) beginning in 2021, WWF-EPO aims to conduct a study to provide guidance to EU policy makers on how to establish a level playing field within the EU fleet : 

(i) Ensure the framework of the CFP contributes to a fair standard of living for those who depend on fishing activities, bearing in mind various aspects of coastal fisheries and socio-economic issues (Article 2 of the CFP); 

(ii) Review where gaps stand in collecting socio-economic data necessary for sustainable fisheries management (including within the seafood value chain) in Member States (Article 25); and 

(iii) Ensure equality and equitable opportunities for all to benefit from healthy marine resources (Article 17).

This study will provide recommendations to EU decision makers to increase coherency between measures to conserve marine biological resources,standards of maritime safety and working conditions that contribute to the European Green Deal and fair recovery plans, according to the CFP.

Project Objectives & Methodology
  • Comparatively gather information on the state of play of the implementation of the socio-economic dimension of the CFP in EU Member States in order to identify gaps and weaknesses
    • Indicators could touch on the detention of pelagic vs demersal species between small-scale fisheries and large-scale industrial fleets
  • Provide a framework to assess the socio-economic impacts of selected fisheries (e.g. bottom trawling, small-scale fisheries) and opportunities to benefit from the marine resources
    • The framework could be developed based on internationally recognised best practices in terms of safety and working conditions for fishers, such as ILO Convention No 188, other International Maritime Organization's standards as well as the current EU regulations
    • The international dimension should be taken into account to make sure low impact EU fishing are not in competition with foreign fisheries with less requirements in terms of human rights

What you need
WWF is seeking a consultant with expertise in the field of fisheries management and, in particular, the socio-economic aspect of the CFP. Experience working with and knowledge of the challenges faced by the fisheries sectors in the EU would be a major advantage. The ability to synthesise technical information and excellent report writing skills (in English) are essential.

How to apply
Applicants should review the full terms of reference for this position before applying. Proposals should include the relevant background of the consultant(s) involved, CVs of consultants who will participate in the project, and a cost estimate for the project. 

Deadline for applications: close of business Friday 7 September. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Interested experts, institutions and or consortia should send their letter of intent with the relevant documents to