WWF-Myanmar: Consultant for Joint Mid-term Review of Strategic Partnership Agreement and Leading the Change Process # 020/20 | WWF
WWF-Myanmar: Consultant for Joint Mid-term Review of Strategic Partnership Agreement and Leading the Change Process # 020/20

Posted on 21 May 2020

JOB OPPORTUNITY # 020/20 Consultant for Joint Mid-term Review of Strategic Partnership Agreement and Leading the Change Process, WWF-Myanmar
This is the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Midterm Review (MTR) of the two complementary projects, namely “Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA), funded under Danida and “Leading the Change” (LtC) funded under Sida Ciysam, and both implemented by WWF Myanmar.  The SPA Project is a four (4) year project (2018-2021) and on its 3rd year of project implementation. The  LtC Project , on the otherhand, is a five (5) year project (2018-2022) currently on its 3rd year of implementation.  In line with the objective of ensuring relevance of these projects on ground realities, a joint mid-term review (MTR) of these projects will be conducted. 
WWF-Myanmar is now inviting for the applications for a “Consultant for Joint Mid-term Review of Strategic Partnership Agreement and leading the change process” with home based with visit to Dawei, Myanmar.

Objectives of the Mid-term Review
The MTR is expected to assess progress towards the achievement of the project objectives and outcomes as specified in the Project Documents (both the LtC and Danida project), and assess early signs of project success or failure with the goal of identifying the necessary changes to be made in order to set the project on-track to achieve its intended results. The MTR will also review the project’s strategy and its risks to sustainability.
Further, the MTR also aims to make a deep dive on the CSO partnerships and its alignment with WWF commitment of strengthening ownership and accountability. This MTR will serve as a learning exercise for WWF and other key stakeholders especially the approach in building strategic partnerships with local CSOs in delivering conservation outcomes in DTL. 

Approach & methodology
The MTR must provide evidence-based information that is credible, reliable and useful. The MTR consultant together with WWF colleagues will review all relevant sources of information including the Project Document, project reports including Annual Project Reports/TPR, project budget revisions, and any other materials that the evaluation consultant considers useful for this evidence-based review. The MTR team is expected to follow a collaborative and participatory approach ensuring close engagement with the Project Team, local communities, CSO partners, and other key stakeholders. The MTR team will assess the following four categories of project progress. These categories are: project strategy, progress towards results (outputs, outcomes and impact), project implementation and adaptive management, and sustainability.
The MTR consultancy will be for 20 working days (to be supplied of days) starting July to September 2020.  
The detailed project background information, responsibilities and timeline are at http://www.wwf.org.mm/en/myanmar_career_page/

  • Competence in results-based monitoring and Reviews
  • Competence in adaptive management, as applied to biodiversity conservation
  • At least 3-5 years working experience in conducting programme or project reviews and evaluations
  • Experience working in the Myanmar or in Southeast Asian countries with more or less similar socio-economic and environmental context like the Myanmar
  • Work experience in relevant technical areas for at least 10 years
  • Demonstrated understanding of issues related to biodiversity conservation and socio-political context of Myanmar
  • A Master’s degree in social science, social forestry, ecology, environmental management, community development or other closely related field
Closing Date: 3 June 2020 (Wednesday)
Interested candidates should send a cover letter and curriculum vitae stating the position title and reference number in English by email to vacancy.mm@wwf.org.mm (application documents should be addressed as Document_Yourfullname).
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.