WWF-MYANMAR: Gender Consultant on Sustainable Forest Management and ICCAs/Protected Areas #005/20 | WWF
WWF-MYANMAR: Gender Consultant on Sustainable Forest Management and ICCAs/Protected Areas #005/20

Posted on 13 February 2020

WWF-Myanmar is now inviting the application for a Gender Consultant on Sustainable Forest Management and ICCAs/Protected Areas.
Background of consultancy assignment/ project
The project’s project site is the Dawna Tennasarim Landscape (DTL) which is home to rich biodiversity resources of the country. It is providing a range of ecosystem services, and are home to many forest communities, including ethnic groups. It encompasses one of the most extensive protected area networks in Southeast Asia, with one of the largest population of tigers in Asia. These landscapes face numerous threats due to infrastructure development, logging, expansion of agriculture and habitat fragmentation, fueled in part by the Economic Corridors and Border Trade Zones. And in addressing these threats, all key stakeholders should take part including women. 
Objective of the consultancy
This consultancy aims to increase the capacity of key WWF staff in conducting gender analysis of forest governance and conservation area management especially in selected community forestry in DTL to understand the role, strengths of women and how to strengthen or increase women participation in improving forest governance.
Scope of work/ Major responsibility
  • Develop (or adapt) a gender assessment tool in consultation with V4MF partners (RECOFTC, MERN, WWF). The tool will be approved by V4MF implementing partners.
  • Coordinate with key WWF staff the status of data gathering on the field
  • Conduct review of literature on the role of women in community-based forest governance.
  • Conduct consultations and/or workshops to gather relevant information
  • Conduct a trainers’ training on gender analysis and gender action planning
  • Mentor and coach WWF staff in conducting participatory analysis of the differentiated impacts of forest biodiversity and ecosystem degradation on women and men, disaggregated by age;
  • Mentor and coach WWF staff in assessing gender dynamics shaping adoption (or lack thereof) of forest management practices, identifying enabling conditions that have been found to work;
  • Consolidate data and finalize the gender analysis report
  • Recommend gender-disaggregated indicators and targets and capacity building for integration into the forest governance monitoring system.
 The detailed deliverable of performance and time schedule can be Downloaded.

  • A graduate of any related social sciences course (eg. Humanities, Political Science, Women Studies, etc);
  • Working knowledge on community forestry or protected area management  in Southeast Asis
  • Knowledge on the socio-political and cultural context of Myanmar or Greater Mekong region, preferably
  • Knowledge on gender issues in developing countries
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in gender-related initiatives
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in conducting gender analysis or assessment;
  • Relevant experience working with non-state actors or civil society organizations
Closing Date: 25 February 2020 (Tuesday)
Application: Interested candidates should email vacancy.mm@wwf.org.mm or send a hard copy cover letter and curriculum vitae in English to 15C, Than Taman Street, Dagon Township Yangon, stating the applied position title.  Email application documents should be addressed as Document_Your fullname.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.