Consultant For the Final Evaluation of Project “Leopard Conservation in the Southern Caucasus” | WWF
Consultant For the Final Evaluation of Project “Leopard Conservation in the Southern Caucasus”

Posted on 26 August 2019

WWF Caucasus Programme Office Consultancy announcement

1. Background of the programme
The Caucasian also named the Persian Leopard (Panthera pardus tulliana) is one of the subspecies of Leopard. It is a charismatic animal entitled as "Europe's last leopard", which is driving and demonstrating conservation efforts in the Caucasus ecoregion. Once native to almost the entire Caucasus ecoregion, today there are only small and isolated (sub-) populations with less than 60 leopards left in the ecoregion. Poaching of leopard and its prey species, human-wildlife conflicts, habitat destruction and fragmentation (e.g. illegal timber cutting, mining or unsustainable grazing), insufficient management of protected areas, inadequate law enforcement, and the lack of awareness of the local population are the main threats. Although the conservation measures implemented during last year’s brought some positive results in terms of stabilization of prey population (e.g. Bezoar Goat, Armenian Mouflon; both globally threatened species) and an increasing sighting and records of breeding of leopards in main target areas of the WWF Leopard Conservation Program in the Southern Caucasus. In order to ensure viable population of Leopard in the Caucasus, the reduction and elimination of above-mentioned threats is necessary. WWF has already a broad experience in addressing these topics from other projects in the Caucasus. This project is built on that experience, but also include some new and innovative elements.

Objectives of the Consultancy:  see attached ToR

Outputs/ Deliverable of performance and time schedule: see attached ToR

Required profile: see attached ToR

The application should include the following documents:

  • Signed CV of consultant and at least two reference letters;
  • Proposal letter;
  • Proposed methodology;
  • Financial proposal (how many days of work per evaluation steps are required, fee per
day, travel cost, etc.)
  • Evaluation work plan
  • Other related documents (if applicable)

Deadline for submission of proposals: 16 September, 2019
Please send your documents in English with the subject “Consultant For the Final Evaluation of Project “Leopard Conservation in the Southern Caucasus”” to Nana Meskhoradze (

See the file attached: 
ToR (in English) and its annex - Project Proposal (in German).