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Ivohibe Forest Corridor

The Corridor between Andringitra National Park, and Ivohibe Peak (Special Reserve) is very rich in various habitats for Madagascar fauna and flora. The most striking features are dense rain forests of the East, the lakescapes and marshlands and open spaces. These habitats host vegetal and faunic species with a high rate of endemism. Just for the fauna, the last inventories carried out in the various sites of Andringitra Ranomafana have revealed the existence of 13 species of lemurs, 50% of non-flying mammals in Madagascar are occurring in the corridor, 106 birds, a high range of reptiles and batrachians.

The different functions of the Corridor (ecological function, watershed protection, economic function by producing both wood and water for the crops) are already internationally acknowledged. The Corridor is part of the whole of the large Corridor called Fandriana-Vondrozo, which has already been the object of a temporary protection order as part of the new System of Madagascar Protected Areas. This project comes within the overall Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests.
October 2012-January 2013

WWF Volunteers with WWF Madagascar Ivohibe Forest Corridor project, October 2012-January 2013

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May-July 2012

Empowering Civil Society & Holistic Forest Conservation Programme
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WWF Madagascar 2012 2nd group of volunteers in Ivohibe (May-August 2012)
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May-August 2010

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Our team!
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