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Tobias Schmid

Pem, my roommate, and me in front of our wood heap for the winter

About me

Hey, I am Tobias and I am studying Environmental Science in Zurich

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After finishing my Bachelor degree in Biology I decided that I wanted some field experience to learn about conservation in the field and what problems occur while working in the field.
The WWF Volunteer Programme gave me the unique opportunity to go to Bhutan for 10 months and experience conservation and all obstacles that come with conservation in a first hand experience. I went to Bhutan to learn about the nature and conservation of wildlife and I came back and learnt a lot about people, the struggles of adapting to a democracy and changes in the lifestyle of a developing country.

There are many memories and stories to tell, and I would like to tell about three experiences I had in Bhutan.
My Advice
Good Friends © Tobias Schmid

Before you get on an internship, do not try to imagine to much what exactly you will be doing, just try to help wherever you can, bring in you ideas and somewhere a door might open.
I have learnt that patience can pay-off, but at the same time I had to learn and realize that some structures to not allow any change and especially if you are in an internship, you will feel the need to help. Be open to all the other open hearts around you and take home the experiences you have made with the people in Bhutan, who are some of the most friendly people I have met so far.