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Scouts Panda Badge

The new Panda Badge

The previous World Scout Environment Programme offered tools, resources and initiatives to help Scouts all around the world work together for the good of the local and global environment. Under the WSEP, Scouts could identify threats to clean water and air in the environment and suggest solutions, understand global conservation issues affecting biodiversity, demonstrate what personal action could be taken to reduce harmful substances in the broader environment, identify better environmental practices for their local area, and demonstrate how to prepare other people for environmental hazards and natural disasters.

The new Panda Badge, formerly known as the World Conservation Badge aligns with the Scouts mission - 50 million Scouts making the world’s largest coordinated youth contribution to the SGDs. The new Panda Badge will focus on two key themes:
Better Choices - Developing Sustainable Habits towards a Healthy Lifestyle
Biodiversity and Nature - Reconnecting with Nature and protecting it towards sustainability
These support four of the SGDs:

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About the partnership

WWF and the World Organisation for the Scouting Movement recognize the enormous challenges facing our planet and the important role of young people in creating a more sustainable world. By partnering, both organizations are mobilizing their networks to drive global awareness and action on nature and the environment. 

The collaboration aims to help achieve the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity’s Aichi Biodiversity Target 1, so that hundreds of millions of people understand the values of biodiversity and the current critical condition of our planet. Better informed and aware, people can take actions to protect biodiversity and nature, live more sustainably and expect the same of businesses and their governments. 

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Earth Hour & Scouts

Scouts around the world are taking part in Earth Hour. The movement has been a game-changer for popularizing climate and environmental action across the globe. During 2018 - 2020, as Earth Hour aims to spark global conversations and actions on issues such as healthy forests, plastic-free oceans and wildlife conservation, Scouts worldwide will add their energy and dedication to create an even greater impact.