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There are many easy ways for individuals and businesses to reduce their paper use and costs. Reductions of 20% or more are possible in most offices.


Potential savings are up to 10 times the purchasing costs of paper, through reducing the cost of storage, toner, printing, labour, postage and disposal.

Here are practical tips to help you at home or at the office to implement a cost-saving, paper reduction programme.

Follow the golden rule: think before you print

Pushing the print button is too easy...and wasteful. So the next time you are about to press that button, ask yourself the golden rule of saving paper: Do I really need to print this? Find out more ►

Use both sides of the sheet of paper

This is a real easy way of reducing your paper consumption by 50%. Set your printer or copier’s defaults to double sided. Select one-sided printing only when really needed. Find out more ►

Avoid printing out single line e-mails or unnecessary copies of documents

Again just follow the golden rule and ask yourself whether you really need to the print.

Use technology

Electronic mail, Internet, Intranets and document scanners can radically reduce paper use, while also saving you time and money. Find out more ►

Recycle the paper you have and ask for recycled paper products

Collect the paper you use and then reuse where possible (print again on the other side if you printed on one side only or use it for note paper). And when you do have to buy new paper make sure it is recycled.

Save paper in your workplace

Reductions of 20% or more are possible in most offices. So ask your office manager what they are doing to reduce paper. Remind them that saving paper isn’t just about protecting the environment; it can also save them a lot of money!


WWF has a guide for how businesses can reduce their paper consumption to make it even easier.

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Save Paper!

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The Save Paper! section of the WWF website is a detailed guide that allows businesses and individuals to save paper and reduce its environmental impacts.