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Recycle your mobile phone

Recycle your phone!

Recycle your mobile phone

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We need governments to agree on new global legislations, we need to protect millions of square kilometers of forests, protect species, rivers, mountains...

But some times saving our planet is as simple as reaching into that old drawer and getting your forgotten old phone recycled.

That is all it takes.

If you only need one phone, why do you keep the others at home?

WWF encourages recycling of mobile phones to ensure a sustainable use of natural resources and to reduce pollution.

If we all took this simple action and recycled those old, unused phones, we could save 240,000 tons of raw material!

How can I recycle my mobile phone?

WWF supports Nokia's take-back campaign that provides over 5,000 care centers all over the world where you can take mobile devices and accessories to be recycled:

Did you know...

...that if each of us recycled ONE mobile phone, we would save as much energy and pollution as taking 4million cars off our roads?

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