Have fun while learning about our planet | WWF

Have fun while learning about our planet

Are you game for learning more about key conservation issues such as endangered species, climate change and overfishing?
If you are, then check out our apps and games below.


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Play with a purpose with EA

Play with a purpose © WWF
January 2015, we partnered with EA games to offer special WWF in-game items available only for a limited time. A portion of the proceeds came to WWF.

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Mobile and Tablet Apps & Games

Rhino Raid

Charging across an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet near you!

Rhino Raid Game Screenshot © WWF
Help "Rad” the rhino on his mission to save the rhinos of Southern Africa by playing this game and sharing it with your friends. Avoid their traps and thump the poachers! The proceeds from app sales will help to support WWF rhino projects. Read more

WWF Together (Free iPad App)

Experience the world's most amazing animals in one app — together.

WWF Together iPad App © WWF
This interactive experience brings you closer to the stories of elephants, whales, rhinos, monarch butterflies and other fascinating species. Discover their lives and the work of WWF in a way you've never seen before.

Try out "tiger vision," stay as still as the polar bear during a hunt, and chop the panda’s bamboo. New species stories — which you can fold and share with the world — are added regularly.

Find out more and get the App.

Modern Mayor

© Nokia Modern Mayor © WWF
Create the city of your dreams! Build roads, apartments and commercial buildings along with lush forests and see how nature responds to your actions. Purchasing upgrades in the game gives you votes to participate in WWF’s donation campaigns.

Free download

Kid's Games

Go Wild Games & Activities

Find out more about some of the planet’s most amazing animals and their habitats.

Go Wild Games © WWF
Visit the Go Wild website to explore and play more than 50 games and activities for kids aged 7-11.

Flash Web Games

Earth Hour Game

Screenshot of the Earth Hour scrolling game © WWF
Run and jump your way along this scrolling game, switching off lights (and collecting points) as you go.

Play the Earth Hour Game

More about Earth Hour

The Seagull Strikes Back

Game - Seagull strikes back. © WWF
Our oceans are being seriously over fished. So much so, that unless action is taken some of our favourite fish may disappear from the seafood counter and restaurant table altogether. But it is not just our supper that's at stake. Unsustainable fishing is decimating the world's fisheries, as well as destroying marine habitats and incidentally killing billions of fish and other marine animals each year.

Play The Seagull Strikes Back and help blast the unwanted politics out of fisheries management

Bycatch Bonanza

Bycatch Bonanza game © WWF
Move your boat using the arrow keys, and catch as many fish as you can. But be careful - the accidental capture of other marine animals such as sharks, octopi, turtles and dolphins is seriously damaging the world's marine ecosystems.

Play Bycatch Bonanza and help protect the world's oceans

Toxic Blaster

Every person, every animal has been exposed to a cocktail of dangerous man-made chemicals. WWF, the conservation organization, needs your help now to fight the chemical threat.

Play Toxic Blaster in English | French | Dutch | Danish | Polish | Finnish