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May marked a series of significant milestones and big strides for the conservation of biodiversity in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the advancement of tools and projects aimed at constructing a more sustainable future in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the realm of Oceans, WWF-Mesoamerica and its partners introduced the Circular Caribbean Cities campaign, which will be implemented in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Quintana Roo (Mexico), Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. This initiative seeks to raise awareness about the critical importance of combatting plastic pollution in the Caribbean Sea.

Shifting gears to Forests,  the Luz de America Community, located in the Manuripi Reserve of Bolivia, unveiled its Model Plant for the Processing of Amazonian Fruit. This facility now stands as a benchmark for the sustainable and responsible harvesting of Amazonian fruits. WWF-Peru, on the other hand, celebrated the anniversary of Madre de Dios, recognized as the cradle of biodiversity, while highlighting its contributions to the conservation and sustainable utilization of its forests.

In Species, FVS successfully concluded the initial phase of their national citizen science events in Argentina, featuring Seasonal Safaris on the ArgentiNat platform. Furthermore, in Colombia, the Jaguar educational kit, showcasing the indigenous knowledge of the Murui-muina people, was unveiled.

Turning our attention to Governance, WWF-Ecuador, alongside various stakeholders, presented the inaugural Platform of Action for Plastics within the country. Additionally, WWF-Chile proposed an environmentally conscious and forward-looking perspective for the new Constitution.

In relation to Food, WWF-Mexico concludes a project aimed at promoting behavioral change to avoid food waste among university students.

Lastly, within the Education, WWF-Paraguay provided support for the publication of the Quadrilingual Dictionary: Ayoreo – Spanish – Guaraní – Portuguese. This dictionary serves as a vital tool for learning and communication within the community.

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Circular Caribbean Cities campaign officially launched

The WWF-Mesoamerica team, in collaboration with the Prevention of Plastic Waste in the Seas of Central America and the Caribbean (Circular Caribbean) project, launched the impactful campaign called Circular Caribbean Cities. This campaign is dedicated to fostering awareness regarding the crucial need to prevent plastic pollution in the Caribbean Sea. Scheduled to run from May to February 2024, the campaign will be actively implemented in several countries, including the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. Utilizing a combination of social and digital media platforms, the campaign will particularly emphasize the cities located along the Atlantic coast.

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Model Factory for Processing Amazonian Fruit opens in Luz de América Community

As a part of the BMZ-funded project aimed at fostering sustainable livelihoods, the Luz de América Community celebrated the inauguration of its Model Processing Plant for Amazonian Fruits within the Manuripi Reserve. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone as it enables community members to engage in the processing of acai.

This accomplishment stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the National Service of Protected Areas (SERNAP), WWF, and the EMPODERAR/PAR II Program, an initiative under the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands. Most importantly, it reflects the unwavering commitment of the Luz de América Community towards achieving their goals.

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Celebrating 20 years of conservation work in Madre de Dios

WWF-Peru commemorates the anniversary of Madre de Dios as the cradle of biodiversity, showcasing its invaluable contributions to the conservation and sustainable utilization of its forests.

According to Nelson Gutiérrez, Manager of Forestry and Indigenous Affairs, WWF-Peru's two-decade-long conservation efforts in Madre de Dios mark the initial steps towards restoring ecosystems that have experienced the detrimental impacts of mining, illegal logging, and unsustainable agricultural practices. Gutiérrez emphasizes that the collaborative work among authorities, local and indigenous communities, academia, and the private sector is instrumental in realizing the region's aspiration of achieving a low-carbon rural development by 2030, based on a sustainable development framework.

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Successful ending to project addressing food waste through behavioral change

WWF-Mexico successfully concluded the "Communication for Change" project, which effectively raised awareness among 400 university students regarding the environmental consequences of food waste. The primary goal was to inspire participants to transform the behavioral factors that cause food waste. In order to achieve this goal, an intervention was implemented, equipping participants with the essential knowledge and tools needed to modify their actions to reduce the negative effects on nature.

A noteworthy outcome of this effort was the development of a comprehensive Tookit to Promote Pro-Environmental Behaviors. This kit provides a step-by-step guide on how to carry out a multidisciplinary intervention based on environmental education, communication and psychology strategies.


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First cycle of national citizen science events concludes

Fundacion Vida Silvestre successfully concluded the inaugural cycle of national citizen science events through Seasonal Safaris on the ArgentiNat platform. Individuals from across the country were invited to document the distinctive biodiversity present during each of the four seasons, allowing for comparisons of the diverse species of flora, fauna, and fungi that inhabit Argentina.

An impressive participation of 1,500 individuals spanned across various provinces, resulting in over 40,000 recorded observations encompassing more than 4,500 species. These valuable contributions have generated authentic data that hold significant importance for both conservation efforts and scientific research. The collective efforts of citizens have thus played a crucial role in advancing our understanding of Argentina's natural heritage.

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Jaguar educational kit based on Indigenous knowledge introduced

In collaboration with the Association of Indigenous Councils of the Alto Predio Putumayo Reserve (ACILAPP) and with the support of WWF, the Indigenous community of Umancia, belonging to the Murui-muina people in Putumayo, has successfully developed an educational kit dedicated to the jaguar. Known as 'Ambil, Mambe and Janayari,' this kit serves the purpose of preserving their traditional knowledge, shedding light on their profound connection with this magnificent species, and sharing their wisdom.

Specifically designed for the engagement of children and their teachers in community schools, this interactive and pedagogical kit comprises a book, a booklet, and a collection of 38 audio recordings featuring captivating anecdotes about the jaguar, presented in both the Mɨnɨka language and Spanish. The kit aims to provide an immersive and playful learning experience while fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the jaguar's significance within the community's cultural heritage. All the material is available here.

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WWF Ecuador joins efforts within the first Platform of Action for Plastics in the country

In a collaborative effort, the National Government of Ecuador, WWF-Ecuador, the World Economic Forum, and various social actors have joined forces to introduce the Platform for Action on Plastics: NPAP Ecuador. This initiative establishes a shared space dedicated to driving the ecological transition, fostering sustainable production and consumption practices, and ultimately mitigating the pollution stemming from plastic waste within the country.


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WWF-Chile proposes an environmental focus for the new Constitution

In the wake of the election of Constitutional Council members, WWF-Chile has issued a compelling call for the drafting of a new Constitution that embraces an environmental and ecological perspective. Recognizing that this perspective is fundamental to addressing the future challenges facing the country, WWF-Chile emphasizes the need for a Constitution that enables adaptation to both current and projected changes.

"The present moment presents us with numerous pressing issues and citizen demands, all of which are expected to find their solutions within a new Constitution. Undoubtedly, these concerns hold immense significance, and among them, environmental conservation and sustainable development must be prominently featured," remarked Ricardo Bosshard, Director of WWF-Chile.

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Quadrilingual dictionary aims to create cohesion among border communities

With the valuable support of WWF-Paraguay, the publication of the Quadrilingual Dictionary: Ayoreo - Spanish - Guarani - Portuguese was successfully realized. This comprehensive four-volume dictionary serves as a crucial resource for the Ayoreo people, who reside in the Carmelo Peralta district of Alto Paraguay in the Chaco region.

The significance of this dictionary lies in its role as essential tool for learning and communication within a community that brings together four distinct cultures and languages. Given the imminent connection with the Brazilian territory through an international bridge slated for inauguration in 2025, this dictionary will play a vital role in facilitating strong links and harmonious interactions among these diverse cultures.


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