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Tigers and the Illegal Wildlife Trade at COP19

“If CITES can’t tackle the illegal trade of the tiger, a big and well-known flagship species, it demonstrates that it isn’t delivering as much as it can for all species we’re concerned about. I hope that this year will be different.” Heather Sohl, Tiger Trade Lead at WWF and Trustee on the TRAFFIC International Board.

TRAFFIC’s latest Skin and Bones report, presents the most comprehensive global overview of tiger seizure trends, with data collected and analysed from over two decades and over 50 countries and territories. 

This year’s report finds that a minimum estimate of 3,377 tigers — including whole tigers, parts and products — have been seized in 2,205 incidents between January 2000 and June 2022, which is an average of 150 seized tigers a year. Pointing to troubling tiger trade trends — including an uptick in cases in the first half of 2022 in some countries and a rising number of suspected captive-bred tigers fueling the trade — the report recommends a series of actions to dismantle trade networks, reduce demand, and strengthen the criminal justice response on the ground, among other interventions.


Find out more about the report here.