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What we will do

Main Objectives:
1. To set up the platform for the compilation and dissemination of travel route information about the trans-oceanic movements of leatherback turtles, for the design of measures to reduce by-catch mortality in Atlantic fisheries.
2. To start an international, trans-oceanic cooperation initiative, based on the study of travel routes of leatherbacks, that reaches out to governments, NGO´s and fisheries agencies in the Atlantic basin, for the effective conservation of this highly migratory marine species.

Specific Objectives
1. To set up an international team of collaborating agencies for the conservation of leatherback turtles, with affiliations to at least seven nations from the Atlantic basin
2. To track the movements of at least eight leatherback turtles, fitted with satellite radio-telemetry equipment on the Western and Eastern coast of the Atlantic, for at least seven months, starting in Panama, French Guiana, Uruguay and Gabon
3. To compile and disseminate the information about movements of leatherbacks in the Atlantic basin from this and previous studies in a GIS/Internet format useful for the design of by-catch reduction measures, and
4. To generate communications materials and press releases that call for international, trans-oceanic cooperation, for the effective conservation of highly migratory marine species, such as leatherback turtles.