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Instructions for using this feature
This section allows the user to "combine" various maps by activating different layers.
  • To select different maps (or "overlays") between the ON and OFF buttons beneath the map.
  • Maps that use colors to indicate features such as bathymetry, surface sea temperature (SST) and salinity (ppm) cannot be combined or overlapped at the same time. If these features are activated simultaneously, the map will show the last selection chosen.
  • There is also a zoom feature that will increase the resolution of the map on the screen - simply click the view level you desire.
  • The print feature will allow you to print the map that you have created.
  • If you print the map at the initial size the resolution will be 72 dpi; whereas if the zoom feature is activated, print resolution will correspond to the increase selected.
  • Another way to print is to position your cursor over the image, click your right mouse button and choose "print".
  • You can also download this ZIP file of a high-resolution pdf which has the layers in the map already incorporated, and which can be switched on and off (5MB)