Many laws exist to protect elephants, rhinos and tigers, but governments are not doing all they can to save them.

We are asking countries to protect threatened animal populations by:
  • increasing law enforcement
  • imposing strict deterrents
  • reducing demand for endangered species products

Rangers and communities living near protected areas are also being threatened by armed poachers going after wildlife.

Criminals involved in illegal wildlife trade are distributing guns, intimidating communities, and bribing officials in order to get what they want.

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Big wins in the fight for wildlife

27 Jul 2015

Collapsing elephant populations see EU halt imports of trophies from Tanzania and Mozambique

09 Jun 2015

Moving from just an environmental issue to agenda of G7 leaders

26 Feb 2014

Famous cookie sellers raise money for a sniffer dog patrol

25 Feb 2014

Real life superhero Emma Stone helps WWF protect tigers, rhinos and eles at

17 Jan 2014

Record number of rhino poaching deaths in South Africa last year

06 Jan 2014

Top ivory consumer China destroys tusks seized from traffickers

02 Dec 2013

UN data shows 22,000 elephants killed in 2012, down from 25,000 in 2011, but still far too many.

15 Nov 2013

US destroys six tons of ivory in message to wildlife traffickers. 

30 Oct 2013

Statement - The remains of three wild Asian elephants were found on Monday inside the protected ...

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Wildlife Crime Scorecard

Wildlife Trade Scorecard Infographic
© Wildlife Trade Scorecard Infographic © © WWF

Assessing the commitment of countries to STOP illegal wildlife trade.

The WWF Wildlife Crime Scorecard report selects 23 range, transit and consumer countries from Asia and Africa facing the highest levels of illegal trade in elephant ivory, rhino horn and tiger parts.

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