The latest news from WWF camera traps around the world
24 Feb 2015

The world’s rarest wild cat has more than doubled over the past seven years.

31 Jul 2014

Conservation efforts in Vietnam are proving successful after a rare Asiatic black bear was recently ...

26 Dec 2013

Frolicking snow leopard cubs show population is bouncing back

18 Dec 2013

Kathmandu, Nepal – Nepal created new strides in snow leopard conservati

22 May 2013

WWF today released dozens of photographs and video footage of endangered species captured by camera ...

02 Oct 2012

During the month of October, WWF will be partnering with Africam to spread the #killthetrade ...

18 Jun 2012

Photos of a rare Amur tiger, caught on film for the first time in Wangqing Nature Reserve in ...

27 Apr 2012

Northeast China’s Jilin Province Department of Forestry says the endangered Amur leopard ...

20 Apr 2012

The only remaining population of Javan rhinos will be better safeguarded following the quadrupling ...

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